Do You Need A CRM Plus Marketing Automation Software?

July 13, 2020

Do You Need A CRM Plus Marketing Automation Software?

Do you need a CRM plus Marketing Automation Software? Welcome to Learning with Connexion Solutions, many businesses use a CRM to service their customers; others are using marketing automation software.  Today we are going to be talking a little bit about both.  And how you can decide, which is the best for you.  If you are already using one or both of these, this video will help you make sure you are using the right one.

What is a CRM?

Do you need a CRM plus Marketing Automation Software? Customer relationship management software allows companies and their staff to see where every customer is, inside of the buyer’s journey.  While interacting with customers, having a big picture perspective, of who they are and what history they have with your business, helps you make interactions more meaningful.  Today most CRMs link to social media channels, giving you an eagle-eye view, of how they are interacting with your brand and how they really feel about you.   Internal alerts can notify your staff of scheduled calls, special occasions, and billing and renewal times to enable you to reach out accordingly.

This technology optimizes one on one interactions, between companies and their clients to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

If you are not already using a CRM, some of these scenarios may be taking place inside of your business.  You may be having bad customer reviews or unpleasant interactions with customers.  You may see customers getting lost between the different areas of your business, or you may be seeing that a spreadsheet is no longer doing the trick to help you stay up-to-date on your business.

There are a wide variety of CRMs to choose from.

Do you need a CRM plus Marketing Automation Software? While you are shopping around you will find that each provider will excel in different aspects of the business.  Knowing exactly what option is best for you requires you to analyze a few things before choosing one.

First, building your own CRM is no longer a good option.

Many big companies built their own technology in order to suit their needs.  Nowadays, there is a lot of technology for you to choose from, and it can all be personalized to your specific needs.

Second, write a list of your goals and needs.

Do you need to track leads, manage relationships, and generate reports?  Write everything down so you know exactly what you are looking for.   Don’t leave anyone out, make a map of all your processes and consider all of your team member’s roles.

Do you need a CRM plus Marketing Automation Software?

Third, consider the implementation.

How long will it take to implement? What needs to be done?  Is it compatible with what you are using now?  Finding something that can quickly and easily be implemented is a big plus. If the set-up is not easy, make sure you understand the timeline and your role in it.

Number four, think about your staff.

Your staff will need some time to adapt to new procedures.  Keep this in mind.  2020 showed us how important mobility is, sometimes your staff is working remotely or may be on the go, make sure you consider mobility when shopping around.

Finally, take your time to really understand each product.

Make sure it provides a solution to all of your business needs.  This includes reporting and compatibility with your existing software.  Do you need a CRM plus Marketing Automation Software?

Now, lets take a look at marketing automation software, and how to know if your business can benefit from using it.  Marketing automation software allows you to automate everyday marketing activities.  Like e-mail marketing campaigns, social media posting and even ad campaign management.

Marketing has come a long way from the good old days of television and radio advertising.  Now we have ad campaigns, throughout various platforms, retargeting, social media interactions, blog visits, and landing pages to keep track of.

With so many things happening at the same time, automating some of these activities can help you save lots of time.  But most importantly, it can improve the results you are getting and the speed at which you can set-up new marketing efforts.  In marketing, having the ability to react quickly can really propel your business forward.

For you to evaluate how much you can actually benefit from marketing automation software lets look at some of the major solutions it provides.

Email marketing.

Sometimes you need to send thousands of emails and sometimes you want to email a more targeted audience.  Let's say you want to send a specific email to every person who visited one of your blog pages.  There may be lots of jumping back and forth between email providers, searching through databases, cross-examining data, and more, before you can hit send.  Marketing automation can make compiling a list of leads that match your criteria and send them an email, a 20-minute job.


For marketers, testing is necessary to achieve results.  A and b testing is a huge part of marketing.  Subject lines, headlines, graphics, and colors are some of the things that can make or break a campaign.  Marketing automation allows you to quickly compile and analyze data from various platforms in order to make important marketing decisions.


Timing is a big part of marketing, showing the right content, to the right person, at the right time, is the magic that is marketing.  Setting up triggers can be very effective.  Setting up automated actions every time your prospect does something, can help you speed up their journey. For example, a prospect fills out a form and they get an immediate email or text message letting them know what to do next.

Lead nurturing.

Leads are not sales-ready as soon as they click on an ad, or visit a landing page.  Lead nurturing helps you ensure that they will actually be ready to become a customer, when you present them with an offer.   As a salesperson you may be responsible for hundreds or thousands of leads, keeping track of them and sending them the right content can be challenging.  Marketing automation can help you nurture leads automatically and help sales staff, spend their time talking to qualified prospects.

Data and analytics.

Marketing requires lots of measuring and fine-tuning, every advertising channel gives you data, like Google analytics.  However, today’s marketing campaigns, require the use of various advertising channels and strategies.  Today’s marketing automation software allows you to find data, measure success, test ads and even manage media spend.  If your marketing team can benefit from any of these features, you may consider implementing marketing automation software.

If you are choosing between updating your CRM or getting marketing automation software, you don’t have to choose just one.  Today, both technologies can work together and can even be set up to communicate with each other.  Just like choosing a CRM, there are a few things that you need to consider before choosing a marketing automation provider.   Do you really need it? Marketing automation can get very pricey, very quickly, if it can save you time and help you generate more business, you will see a good return on investment.

If you are not sure how to pick the right marketing software for you, here are a few things you need to consider.  Number one, what marketing are you doing?

Automation technology has lots of bells and whistles for every type of marketing available.  This doesn’t mean you will use them all.  Make a list of the features you really need and avoid paying for features you don’t use.  Take your time to look at all benefits.  You may not need something now, but if it’s something you would like to try later, its good to have that option.  Second, make sure it is compatible with your CRM, and other technologies you use to market.

Take your time understanding what integration needs to take place.  Third, find out what type of support is offered.  You need to know what to do if something doesn’t work correctly.  Finally, don’t be afraid to try, some providers offer free trials, which can help you, test-drive all features.

Your marketing team is used to fast changes.  They are constantly changing strategies, adapting to changes in the market, and researching emerging trends.  Marketing automation software can be changed a bit easier than your CRM.  The only way you know what works for you is to try. Don’t be afraid of trying various softwares.

Now you should have a clearer picture of the technology that is available today, and an idea of how to know, which one you need.  We hope we have answered all of your questions, and hopefully, saved you time.

If you need help with your CRM or Marketing Automation to improve your INBOUND MARKETING efforts, request a consultation.

Customer relationship management and marketing automation technology is a small part of our Midas Method!   Our very own four-pillar fully managed Business Growth Solution for companies like yours!

If you need help growing your business and would like to learn more about THE MIDAS METHOD and our one hundred percent return on investment guarantee, request a consultation.

We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed creating it for you and we look forward to seeing you again real soon.

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